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Pulp & Paper

Paper Industry

Improving Process Control

CEM microwave instruments can be used in the pulp and paper industry to improve process control and assist in increasing profits. Our technology can be utilized on the production floor to create rapid moisture, solids or ash determinations of products. CEM technology can also be used to calibrate on-line monitors. Our user-friendly equipment requires minimal traning and is best suited for use by production personnel. CEM microwave instruments are fast and dependable; two traits critical for statistical process and quality control.

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Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer

Check the moisture/solids content in liquids, solids, slurries & powders to ensure proper formulation & keep production running smoothly with rapid testing in an easy-to-use system.


Microwave Furnace

Get ash/LOI determinations in 10 minutes with the Phoenix Microwave Furnace. Ash up to 15 samples in our High Capacity furnace and use any type of crucible.

Moisture analysis in wood chips, pulp slurries & starches

Solids analysis of black liquor & paper coatings

Total solids in wastewater

Filler content (TiO2, kaolin clay, calcium carbonate & others)

Coatings/Coat Weight