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Cleaner Chemistries

Microwave Synthesis: Simply Works Better!

Microwave synthesis has become the method of choice for chemists and biochemists for a myriad of reactions for one reason: it simply works better. Reactions that once took hours, or even days to complete can now be performed in minutes with better yields and cleaner chemistries.

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MARS 6 Synthesis

Microwave Synthesis System

The best-selling MARS 6 features a large multimode cavity, which allows for synthesis at scales up to a 5L round-bottom flask or parallel synthesis using a multi-vessel turntable.

Discover SP/Explorer SP

Microwave Synthesis Systems

The Discover Series of single-mode microwave synthesizers are available with a variety of options and accessories, including automation. They are used for research scale reactions with volumes up to 75 mL.



Experience the benefits of microwave-enhanced reaction rates in a system designed for low-temperature synthesis. Perform any temperature-sensitive reactions including carbohydrate chemistry, eliminations, substitutions, formation of carbanions and other highly reactive intermediates.

Discover Gas Addition

Perform hydrogenations, carbonylations, or any reaction that requires a gaseous reagent.