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In order to ensure product safety and conformity to quality and regulatory specifications, it is essential for trace metals to be tested. Microwave sample preparation is the method of choice thanks to fast, accurate results which ready a range of consumer products for elemental analysis.

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Toy Testing Laboratory, a division of RI Analytical in Warwick, Rhode Island, is featured in this NBC10 story on testing children’s products with the CEM MARSXpress. See the full article (NBC10) Click Here…

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Test Method CPSCH-CH-C1001-09
Determination of Phthalates.
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Test Method: CPSC-CH-E1001-08
Determining Total Lead in Children’s Metal Products. (including metal jewelry)
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Test Method: CPSC-CH-E1003-09
Standard Operating Procedure for Determining Lead in Paint and Other Similar Surface Coatings.
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Test Method: CPSC-CH-E1002-08
Determining Total Lead in Non-Metal Products.
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Microwave Reaction Systems

For labs requiring high throughput capabilities, the MARS 6 allows the processing of up to 40 samples per batch. Similar products must be run together, but many types of foods and tissues can be mixed and matched as one batch. With its simple, but robust vessel design, MARS 6 is the easiest to use batch microwave system available.

Discover SP-D

Microwave Digestion System

For laboratories that receive many different sample types in any given day, Discover SP-D provides unmatched flexibility. SP-D offers individual temperature and pressure control, as well as method programming for each sample. The system is available with an optional autosampler which makes digesting samples incredibly easy.