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Food Processing

composition/measurement techniques

Monitoring Food Quality

CEM is a leading partner in the Food Processing industry, beginning with the introduction of the first microwave moisture analyzer in 1978. Since then, CEM has been developing products and working with food processing companies to find solutions for monitoring food quality and composition with fast, highly accurate, and robust measurement methods.

CEM systems are designed with the purpose of helping companies maximize profitability and product quality by optimizing process control. CEM systems for compositional analysis meet the requirements of AOAC International Official Methods.

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Fast Trac Analyzer

Fat & Moisture Determinations

CEM’s new FAST Trac Analyzer provides speed, accuracy, user-friendliness and cost-effectiveness when determining fat and moisture in low-moisture samples. FAST Trac’s patent-pending technology gives accurate fat and moisture determinations to save time and money by reducing out-of-specification product.