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Compositional Analysis



In 1978, CEM pioneered the first-of-its-kind microwave moisture/solids analyzer. Since then, we have designed numerous innovative and environmentally-conscious compositional testing systems for processing facilities and testing laboratories around the world.

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Rapid Fat & Moisture Analyzer

All of the accuracy and reproducibility of the award-winning SMART Trac™ to the next level. With a newly designed magnet that analyzes fat in only 8 seconds, SMART Trac II is twice as fast as its predecessor. More accurate than NIR/FTIR & does not require costly calibrations. The SMART Trac II combines advanced NMR technology with the superior drying capability of the SMART Turbo for unmatched fat & moisture results fast!


Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer

Improve process control and increase profits with the fast, accurate SMART Turbo Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer. Turbo Technology makes this system 40% faster than CEM’s award-winning SMART System5™. Enhanced technology improvements ensure decreased analysis time, while maintaining precise temperature control for the most accurate results.


Rapid Protein Analyzer

Measure protein, not nitrogen! Using a bioscience tagging technique, the Sprint™ Rapid Protein Analyzer accurately measures protein in a variety of foods while ignoring non-protein nitrogen and without the use of hazardous chemicals. Get accurate results in 3 minutes with official AOAC methods!


Microwave Muffle Furnace

Up to 10 times faster than a conventional muffle furnace! Rugged, easy-to-use and engineered to be dependable, the Phoenix Microwave Muffle Furnace is programmable with auto-start/auto-shutdown and storage for up to 20 methods. Two furnace sizes are available and CEM offers a sulfated ashing option. Ash your samples in any type of crucible used in a conventional muffle furnace, including platinum!

MEAT Trac Analyzer

Rapid Fat & Moisture Testing for Meats/Meat Products

Specifically designed for meat and meat products, the MEAT Trac Analyzer provides fast, accurate fat and moisture results without solvents or costly calibration maintenance. It is more accurate and cost-effective than NIR and does not require recalibration due to changes in formulation. Meets the requirements for Official AOAC Method 2008.06.

ProFat Meat Analyzer

Microwave Moisture, Fat, Protein, & Ash Analyzer for Meat

Measure moisture, fat, protein, and ash in raw meat samples and pre-blends accurately in minutes! The rapid analysis can be used for process control to make blend corrections, release materials, and ensure least cost formulation.