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Drying/Curing/Draw Downs

accurate results in minutes

oven drying methods

Unlike conventional oven drying, which normally takes several hours or is performed overnight, microwave drying yields accurate results in minutes, making it ideal for process control. Too much or too little moisture can cause out-of-specification product, resulting in poor or inconsistent product quality and increased production costs. The method of drying is used in many industries for an extensive array of sample types.

CEM microwave drying systems meet the requirements for standard oven drying methods, as well as microwave methods.

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Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer

Improve process control and increase profits with the fast, accurate SMART Turbo Microwave Moisture/Solids Analyzer. Turbo Technology makes this system 40% faster than CEM’s award-winning SMART System5™. Enhanced technology improvements ensure decreased analysis time, while maintaining precise temperature control for the most accurate results.


Microwave Drying System

Ideal for large samples, the SAM-255 provides rapid, accurate drying for a range of sample types. Ideal for paint draw downs, powdered milk, and tortillas.