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MAD Technology (Pty) Ltd

Company Background

M.A.D Technology (Pty) Ltd was registered in June 2000 and was appointed as the CEM agent in November. CEM manufactures analytical microwave sample preparation products and is the world leader in this industry with a worldwide market share of 85%. The CEM product range includes microwave digestion systems, microwave extraction systems, microwave ashing furnaces, microwave organic synthesis systems, moisture/solids/fat systems and protein hydrolysis systems.

CEM CORPORATION is the largest manufacturer and supplier of laboratory microwave systems in the world with over 200 patents. They produced the first commercially available microwave digestion system in 1981. Company turnover is in the region of $ 90 million dollars per annum. Approximatley 10 % of CEM’s annual budget is used for R&D.

CEM Factory is open to customer visits to view the design and manufacturing systems that exist there. They also have three different on-site laboratories dedicated to providing solutions to customer requirements.

M.A.D Technology currently holds R 500 000-00 worth of microwave parts and consumables in stock. We deal with a number of production companies who cannot afford instrument down time. We are therefore geared to provide service 24 hours per day.

Precision Glassblowing U.S.A

Apart from CEM, M.A.D Technology (Pty) Ltd also represents PRECISION GLASSBLOWING U.S.A in Southern Africa. Precision Glassblowing specialises in ICP/ICP-MS glass and quartz ware i.e. torches, nebulizers, spray chambers and tubing. Precision Glassblowing manufacture consumable items for all ICP/ICP-MS manufacturers.

Teledyne CETAC Technologies

During 2013 M.A.D Technology (Pty) Ltd was appointed as distributor for TELEDYNE CETAC TECHNOLOGIES in Sub-Saharan Africa. The world leading supplier of Autosamplers & Laser Ablations systems.



Bruce Hunter

Sales & Marketing

After qualifying as an Electronic Engineer, Bruce was employed by Sasol Synthetic Fuels for a period of two years. After leaving Sasol he was employed by SMM Instruments (Setpoint Instruments) during 1992 as an instrument service engineer. After six months he moved into the sales department and proceeded to become the Varian AA and ICP product and applications manager, up to his resignation in 2000. Bruce is responsible for sales and marketing at M.A.D Technology.

Charles Martin

Finance & Export Sales

Charles Martin was employed by SMM Instruments during 1994 and was responsible for Varian AA and ICP sales in all Sub-Saharan African countries with the exception of South Africa. Charles resigned during 2000, and now holds the responsibility for export sales, finance and administration at M.A.D Technology.