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USP Method 2232 (Replaces Method 231)

Determining Elemental Impurities

USP Method 2232 will replace Method 231, used for determining elemental impurities in dietary supplements, and is currently going through the approval process and is expected to be promulgated in 2013. Method 2232 mandates the use of microwave digestion for those samples that are not readily soluble.

As a result of the promulgation of USP Method 2232, Nutraceutical companies are progressively incorporating microwave technology into their testing procedures. The CEM Discover SP-D and the MARS System both meet the requirements for Method 2232.

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Discover SP-D

Microwave Digestion System

For laboratories performing digestions on a wide variety of sample types, the remarkably easy-to-use Discover SP-D provides unmatched flexibility. SP-D offers individual temperature and pressure control, as well as method programming for each sample. The system is available with an optional autosampler providing sequential preparation of up to 48 (35-mL) or 96- (10-mL) vials, which makes digesting samples incredibly easy.


Microwave Reaction System

For labs requiring high throughput capabilities, the MARS 6 allows the processing of up to 40 samples per batch. The easy-to-use three-part vessel is the best choice for the digestion of large volume samples of similar matrices. No other system matches the simplicity, throughput and low cost per test of the MARS 6.

Phoenix (Sulfated Ashing Option)

Microwave Furnace

Ash raw materials, excipients and finished products in minutes, while safely removing and neutralizing sulfur dioxide and nitric acid emissions to meet ISO 14000 regulations. Meets requirements for USP Methods 281 and 733.