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Materials Science

Synthesis Systems

Microwave Energy

Microwave energy has become an integral part in all types of Materials Science. Microwave synthesis systems are used to provide the required energy to achieve high temperatures that enable reactions to be performed rapidly and efficiently as possible. Microwaves are an “instant on/instant off” energy source used to rapidly raise the temperature of the reactants, while also significantly reducing the risk of overheating, resulting in high quality materials.

Microwave energy has been used to make materials such as:

Quantum Dots


Metal Oxides

Nitride powders

Metal Organic Frameworks (MOFs)

Gold, Silver, and other metal nanomaterials

Nanocomposite materials

Lithium ion materials and more…

Materials Research

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Discover / Explorer SP

Microwave Synthesizers

The Discover Series of single-mode microwave synthesizers are available with a variety of options and accessories, including automation. They are used for research scale reactions with volumes up to 75 mL. Discover SP’s Focused™ Microwave Technology ensures an optimum energy field.


Microwave Furnace

Heat reactions to extreme temperatures (up to 1200 ◦C) quickly. The Phoenix is ideal for zeolite synthesis and other high temperature applications that can be performed under atmospheric conditions. Up to 10 times faster than conventional furnaces, this system can use any type of crucible.

MARS 6 Synthesis

Microwave Reaction System

The best-selling MARS 6 System features a large multimode cavity, which allows for synthesis at scales up to a 5-L round-bottom flask or up to 12 pressurized vessels for parallel synthesis.


Mars 6 – Microwave Reaction System

With a variety of vessels and accessories, the MARS 6 System offers high throughput and the capability to handle difficult to digest materials, as well as routine samples.