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Peptide Synthesis

A versatile & powerful system

Microwave Assisted Peptide Synthesis

CEM has various solutions for peptide synthesis, including resins proven to increase product purity, instruments that shorten reaction times while increasing peptide yield and cleavage systems that remove peptides at the speed of light.

Microwave Assisted Peptide Synthesis is the current standard in solid phase peptide synthesis. High efficiency SPPS (HE-SPPS) utilizes the power of microwave energy, enabling cycle times to be shortened to only 4 minutes while significantly reducing waste. CEM is the only supplier of microwave peptide synthesizers which make use of these HE-SPPS conditions. By using microwave energy for both coupling and deprotection steps, our peptide synthesizers the most versatile and powerful systems on the market.

CEM microwave peptide synthesizers have numerous advantages over conventional peptide synthesizers:

  • A license is included with each system, allowing the use of microwave energy for both coupling and deprotection
  • Fastest cycle times available on the market
  • Exceptional peptide purity and yield
  • Significant reduction in purification time
  • Reduction in generated waste
  • Access to peptides which cannot be synthesized under conventional conditions