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Food Testing

The Testing Process

Compositional Testing Systems

The grocery stores of today offer a vast variety of foods formulated for various tastes and health advantages. These include added vitamins, minerals and proteins, low-sugar, low-fat, high fiber, DHA, antioxidants, and more.

In order to test food safety, adequate formulation and certification of the final product for government regulations, commercial testing labs and in-house labs at food manufacturing companies must run a wide range of tests. CEM’s systems can assist in speeding up the testing process, as well as providing a variety of sample preparation and compositional testing systems that are reliable, accurate, and fast.

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Mixed Food Sample Preparation for Trace Metals Analysis Webinar

Presented: December 13, 2012

Recent studies have shown that absorption of even low concentrations of some metals can have adverse effects on the human body. As a result, there is an increased need for more advanced analytical analyses and subsequent quality control of metal levels in food samples. Food manufacturers and contract laboratories are being required to analyze more samples and achieve lower detection limits than in the past, which is placing a great deal of strain on already busy laboratories.

CEM Analytical Product Manager Jason Keith discusses the microwave sample preparation of food for trace metals analysis, the methods and techniques involved in the microwave digestion of food, as well as the results of recoveries performed on representative samples.