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Accelerated movement significantly increases efficiency in large volume sample processing. Probe travel time is reduced through a centrally located wash station. Average sample handling time is as low as six seconds.


To eliminate cross contamination from messy drips, a built-in drip cup moves under the sample probe and stirrer. Independent rinse stations for probe and stirrer further address carryover.


Probe, stirrer depth and stirring speed can be configured by the operator through software to ensure proper mixing of the samples, leading to more precise results.

Stirring Paddle

Each sample is automatically homogenized by the autosampler prior to analysis. Variable-speed control ensures proper mixing of the samples, leading to greater reproducibility and more precise results.

Independent Rinse Stations

Independent, continuous flowing rinse station for the sample probe and mixing paddle minimize sample contamination and carryover.

Drip Cup

To prevent messy drips and cross contamination, a built in drip cup moves with the sample probe and stirrer as they move over the samples.

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